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Are legs more effective than wheels?

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    It depends on the kind of ground, but wheels are often more efficient.

    However, evolution never selected this kind of locomotion. 

    The main reason is that the axle and the rim must be 2 separate entities.

    The only example I know is a fiction. 

    In His Dark Materials trilogy by Philip Pullman, book 2 or 3 I don't remember.

    In a very remote world, Lyra meets a friendly species of diamond-shaped tetrapods:

    They had a front leg, a hind leg, and two side legs.

    they lived in a mutualistic relationship with a kind of big nuts.

    They stuck the strong claws of their front and back legs into the center of two nuts that became the wheels and then they could "pedal" with their side legs, more or less like an old dandy-horse.

    The nuts naturally oiled the claw (the "bearing") and in return, the nuts spread seed along the ride.

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    Would you trade your legs for wheels? A leg can do anything a wheel can do but a wheel cannot do everything a leg can do.

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    I guess it depends. If you wanna go where there is road or no obstruction then ,,

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    Are legs more effective than wheels in doing what ? Your question is too vague.

    Lets compare two chairs one has legs and one has wheels, which is the more effective at being stable when on a ship at sea in a storm ?

    As this is in Biology I suppose you may mean in transport. Well wheels have to rotate and in biology this causes a problem as to how enable a living tissue to revolve around an axis and still have some connectivity between them.

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  • 9 months ago

    Not for long distances or speed, no.

  • Newton
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    9 months ago

    Yes, if the terrain is steep, and you are going uphill, legs are more efficient and much safer. If you are trying to climb a tree, legs are also more effective than wheels.

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    Sometimes. If you are moving something over level ground, an artificial wheel is more effective. If the ground is uneven, you can still often use wheels, but they have to be oval and oriented differently. If you are talking about natural body parts, wheels are impossible. How would you get nerves and blood vessels to them?

  • Cowboy
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    9 months ago

    more effective at what?

  • Silver
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    9 months ago

    Obviously a leg. A leg has many things making it up, levers, pulleys, wheel-and-axel... while a wheel is just one simple machine by itself.

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    depends on where you want to go.

    A bicycle is much more efficient than someone walking. A bike uses little energy on level ground and zero on a downslope. Whereas walking you use energy to walk on level ground. 

    But a bike is useless on uneven ground, up stairs, over rocks. 

    Or try playing tennis on a bike, it just doesn't allow for fast motion changes. 

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