is mass migration really happening or is it just fake news?

specifically mass immigration from the 3rd world into ireland and britain that some people say is happening? some are saying that mass immigration is happening on a large scale and it will result in the indigenous people of britain and ireland to be in the minority by this mid century?

is this really happening here in britain and ireland or are these people just putting out fake news or fake reports?

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  • 8 months ago
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    There have always been migrations.  There were peaceful indigenous people all over the British Isles that were largely wiped out by waves of Celtic migrations.  You can find a few remnants of them on the islands off the west coast of Ireland, they look physically different with high cheekbones and slanted eyes which my family has.  The Celts were metal working people from an area that now roughly corresponds to Turkey.  They came for our tin.

    Very few Romans settled.  Once they left, the Vikings wiped out the Celts in some coastal areas but never settled inland.

    The Angles and Saxons invaded, killed and replaced the Celts in the area we now call England between 5th and 8th centuries.  That was the last wave of mass migration.  They replaced the British language and laws with something that we now see was better although it cannot have felt that way at the time.

    The Normans (also of Viking stock) invaded in 1066 but they intermarried peacefully with Anglo-Saxon and Celtic landowners.

    After that time immigration continued but more gently, no more genocides.  It is highly beneficial in bringing new ideas and stimulating the economy of a country.  You only have to look at China and Japan during their periods of isolation to see what happens when you do not allow immigration.

    But immigration does come in a smooth flow.  It is lumpy.  Right now we are seeing a great deal of turmoil everywhere.  That will pass.  What is hard is dealing with large scale migration from a specific area as that group will tend to stick together to protect its own culture.  But there is nothing to be afraid of.

    What is far scarier is that the world's population will cease to grow in 2025 and will start to shrink in 2050.  The last time that happened (15th century) we had famine and wars that continued for hundreds of years throughout Europe.

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    • There is mass migration everywhere at this time.  Third world -> third world as well as third world -> UK.  They are attracted by our generous benefits (you could argue too generous).

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  • 8 months ago

    Mass amounts of illegal migration has been going on for about 3 decades now - millions, even tens of millions of migrants per year. UK, Ireland, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, US, Australia ("boat people" predominantly from Indonesia, or south & southwest Asia via Indonesia) are the major victims of these migrants. They want to live off taxpayers in more affluent countries, largely because they lack any skills to earn a living themselves. They have NO respect for laws, including immigration laws, or for other people. Many are criminals, associate with criminals gangs running smuggling rings, etc, or turn to crime, fraud, etc. to get money, etc, out of other people.

    Worldwide labor glut of a billion adults already, with another billion on track to enter the world's workforces within the decade. The real problem is gross overpopulation, about to hit 7.8 billion.

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  • 8 months ago

    Thats not going to happen. Non british people will increase but as the third world develops, migration will slow down

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  • martin
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    8 months ago

    This is the primary argument supporting Brexit. The migration of working class people from poorer nations in the EU is taking jobs from British people. Whether it's mass migration, however, is debatable. Right now, it looks like a little migration won't hurt the UK as much as a Brexit from the world's most prosperous trading bloc (EU) would surely hurt UK economy.

    • Primary argument for Brexit is loss of sovereignty.  You might want to upgrade your reading material.  We essentially left the EU when we refused to join the Euro.  So far that has looked like a sound move as our economy has done far better than the Euro block. 

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