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what are your favorite meals to cook at home that reheat well and make for good leftovers?

This is why I don't cook at home because the food doesn't taste as good as when i first make it


and when i take the time to go i want to be able to eat delicious leftovers, not some paste

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    My marinara and bolognese sauces taste even better as leftovers. Roast chicken, turkey or pork and the usual sides reheat well. We like our beef medium rare and reheating can cook it past its prime, so we tend to make cold sandwiches with beef roast (unless it's a pot roast, which is also great reheated). Chili, stuffed peppers, most anything else that comes with a sauce, is good reheated. And leftover soups, of course.

  • denise
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    4 weeks ago

    Stews and casseroles are usually well received in my house, and are good [ if not richer & thicker ] the second time around.

    Leftover potatoes and veggies from a roast dinner can be enjoyed the next breakfast or lunchtime, in a hash, fried together, then topped with a fried / poached egg.

    Pork medallions in a rich mushroom & mustard sauce make lovely hot sandwiches / sliders when heated through [if theres any leftover that is!].

  • Joe
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    4 weeks ago

    Good hearty soup.

  • Sparky
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    4 weeks ago

    I reckon there are a couple of dishes that definitely taste better the next day once the flavour has gone through.

    Fried Rice, Potato Bake, Spaghetti Bolognaise, Lasagne, Casseroles.

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  • Jane
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    4 weeks ago

    Some dishes taste better the next day- curry, chilli, pot roast/casserole-anything that takes a while to make where the flavours develop. These also make good 'batch' cooking, where you make a load and freeze it in portions for another day, quick to reheat and so tasty. If you have a freezer, cook some rice too and you have a meal to go. Not sure what you're cooking if you end up with 'some paste'!  

    One of my go-to dishes is spicy chicken thighs ( just oven roast a load with whatever spices you like, slice and freeze leftovers), rice/ taco/ tortilla, stir fried veg like peppers, carrots, onions etc, serve with chilli sauce, avo, salsa, sour cream etc

  • .
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    4 weeks ago

    I like frozen dinners for my cooking

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    Lots of things reheat well. Spaghetti, soups, lasagna, most casseroles, roast meats... I usually turn the leftovers into something else though. Taco meat and beans get turned into taco salads, roast into stew, chicken into salad or casserole or whatever. You just need to figure out what works

  • oikoσ
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    4 weeks ago

    Pasta is traditional for leftovers. For me, it's usually stir-fries.

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    This time of year I make a lot of soup.    My usual suspects are:

    Ginger squash

    Italian wedding

    Cauliflower cheese

    Clam chowder or other potato chowder

    Chicken barley 

    Split pea

    White chicken chili

    Spaghetti or bolognese sauce (not a soup, but it's the same basic gist)

    I usually make a pot of something every Sunday.  It keeps and reheats very well.  Most also freezes very well, although I prefer not to freeze soup with dairy such as the chowder. 

    What are you making such that your leftovers taste like "paste"?   Perhaps you are not storing your leftovers properly. 

    When I make pasta dishes, I make the sauce in advance and then boil the pasta fresh each night.

    When we have steak tacos, we grill enough steak for several nights but we assemble the tacos fresh each night. 

  • Mark
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    4 weeks ago

    Various versions of "pot roast" reheat very well.

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