Malcolm Jenkins' 99-Yard Pick Six Vs. Their Future Super Bowl 2018 Opponent New England Patriots In 2015?

Way Before The Philly Special Stuff But In 2015 Well It's Pretty Recent (As Of 2019)


Via The Philadelphia Eagles Official Instagram For This Throwback Thursday This 2019 

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  • Cu Tie
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    8 months ago
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    The 2015 Eagles-Patriots matchup almost reminds me a lot of this Sunday's matchup. Heading into the 2015 game, the Patriots were coming off a loss to the Broncos. The Eagles took that blueprint, and scored 42 points against the Patriots, walking out of Foxborough with a win.

    Two weeks ago, in their last game, the Patriots were exposed by the Ravens. Whether it is circumstances, good timing, or something else, the Eagles seem to get the better of the Patriots in recent history.

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