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How to prepare a travel?

2-Do you contact home while traveling?

3-Where to put the cell phone?

4-Where to put money?

5-Where to put all the codes to not forget?

6-How to find the wifi or cybercafes?

7-How much weight can you travel with?

8-How to have Uber, Airbnb and Blabla card? Are them good to use?

9-How to know the clothes to bring with?

10-What will they ask in the hotel check in?

11-I saw some videos of people entering first in the plane to record videos and those people are doing more than 10 first class travels. Are they have an arragement?

12-If you are ill in the travel what do you do?

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    That's a lot of questions!

    Some of the answers depend on where you're going. When i'm in major cities like Paris or Florence where pickpocketing is common, I'm more careful with my money and credit cards than in other places. You can get a pouch that you wear on a cord around your neck, under your clothes. You can also leave things in the safe in the hotel. 

    There are very few cybercafes anymore, as most people use their smartphones. You can sometimes find places with wifi. Starbucks usually has wifi, but it's not always free. With my international plan on my phone, I have quite a lot of data, so I contact home with texts and email messages. Phone calls usually cost $.99 a minute, but it depends on the agreement between my carrier and the local carrier. 

    I don't know what Uber, Airbnb and Blabla cards are. My Uber app is connected to a credit card, and I've used it in many different places. 

    I check the weather where I'm going so I know what clothes to take.

    At hotel check in, they ask for your credit card, and in some countries, they will take your passport and make a photocopy of it. 

    I have no idea what question 11 means.

    If you ill, you go to the doctor. I've had reason to be treated in a couple of countries- they usually have universal healthcare, so treatment is either free or very inexpensive. That's not true in the US- it can cost you a lot of money if you get sick or injured. 

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