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Silicone sealant - will it be okay?

There was a draught coming from under the carpet between the concrete floor and skirting boards, and my dad (who has many years of experience) 

told me to get myself some silicone and seal it. I looked at the available silicones online and then grabbed some at my local hardware store, then sealed the gap at home.

Then when I was done I happened to glance at the 'Limitations' on the back of the cartridge and saw that it said 'Do not use on concrete'. I never read it earlier because the item description online said nothing about that, so I'm wondering is it just a matter that it mightn't stick very well or will there be any other risks?

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    The bond may fail in time. The oils can migrate into concrete which is porous and stain it, and there can be issues with the alkalinity of the cement affecting the curing, but other than that it may be OK.  Bear in mind manufacturers don't want the liabiity of their product going wrong so tend to be overly cautious.

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    3 weeks ago

    Silcone is one of those terms that gets used interchangeably between caulk, sealant, mastic etc. I suspect you really needed an all purpose sealant. Concrete can be dificult to stick to because of latience, the dust that you always seem to get on the surface, but if it has stuck you should be fine and you are only really needing it to fill the gap, so as long as it attaches to the baseboard or whatever it will still perform. The big limitation with silicone is that it is all but impossible to paint.

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    One of the best uses for silicone caulk involves filling the gaps between concrete and other materials, such as brick, wood or metal. Silicone caulk adheres well to all of these materials, and because it has elasticity, it won't crack or break when materials like wood expand in response to environmental conditions.

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