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Is believing in God a mental illness?

Someone made the comparison that transgender is a mental illness because one believe they are something they are not. Well believers in God believe in someone we can’t see and who isn’t there. We only know him through a book alone. So perhaps being a Christian I’m mentally ill. 

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    It is a delusion, sometimes harmful, sometimes not

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    Being Christian is a form of believing in something that is a higher being. Believing in a god or a higher being is not a new concept for people. The Greeks believed in gods as well as the Egyptians and the Romans. Christianity focusing on believing in Christ. Christianity is based on doing as Christ did and being a good person. 

    Unfortunately, transgenderism is an illness because it is closely tied to suicidality. The rate of suicide of the transgender community is par to those who were in the holocaust. 

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    It's not a mental illness, but Christians frequently pretend their own subjective mental experiences are actually real.  There is no evidence for God's objective existence because He only appears within the minds of those who believe in Him.  Evidently, faith is the act of deliberately pretending your own perceptions are actually real.

  • d00ney
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    I cannot agree with your statement, ‘Well believers in God believe in someone we can’t see and who isn’t there.’ If Christians know he is there and atheists know that he is not the assumption for such knowledge has to be based in life and not on indoctrination.

    If God is known only through the Bible does that mean that grace is available only to the literate? Faith it is stated comes through hearing. Although it is not everyone who hears who understands and gets it and believes.

    The Bible does say that the fool says in his heart that there is no God. This is not talking about what a man may reason in his mind, but more that he will not be accountable for his actions. Say a Christian relies on the grace of God so that he acts unethically or inhumanely, is that the faith that God expects?

    Much of the Bible is concerned with what God does expect of us. It is evident that God expects all men to be good. Men themselves expect other men to be good, and there are sanctions for those who are not. Biblical faith is not a mere mental exercise, it is obedience to the commands of God. True we need the Bible to understand what those commands are. We are expected to think and act intelligently. If it were not so, why would we be held accountable?  

    You are aware that the Apostles declared that men will be judged in righteousness, or with equity by a man. That is a man who has lived who knows what it is like, who has had first hand experience of life. The man God has chosen for this is the man God raised from the dead. That man is Jesus of Nazareth, the Messiah of the Jews.

    So we have the Bible the Word of God, but we also have history. We are not pastafarians, not aping what we think others are stating, as to say that, you imagine that, well we imagine this. There are witnesses to the Word, the Jews, the Church, and I would suggest that even the Adversary is a witness, and creation is a witness for God.

    What you seem to be implying is that belief in God is a matter of self justification, and as you state it, it cannot be justified unless one is insane. However, there is also the response. To give an analogy I may imagine that I am in the arms of a beautiful woman, but there is no way that I know to simulate an embrace. All it is, is wishful thinking. Yet no one wishfully thinks things that only God can do. Forgiveness of sins, the new birth, spiritual gifts and so on as these things are of no concern to them at all, and of those who are concerned they themselves know the reality or otherwise in their own lives.


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    God may not be visible but he can be felt and there are many ways why we know God exists. First and foremost, logic. The universe has been scientifically proven to have a beginning. If there was a beginning, then something or someone had to have created it. It is illogical to think that Something so intricate, detailed and complex as the universe and life came from absolutely NOTHING. That is the atheist delusion. Romans 1:20 "For his invisible attributes, namely, his eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly perceived, ever since the creation of the world, in the things that have been made" that is why since the beginning of time and in all cultures most humans have always believed in the existence of some form of god. 

    Transgenderism, however is a delusion of the mind. We can all see the differences in our own bodies to know what we are defined as. The world we live in tells us that we may NOT be what we see because of what we "feel". So in the same sense, only a mentally ill person would look at themselves and say "I'm in the wrong body, I am actually a cat"  Whether we like it or not, most living creatures, unless there is a physical mutation, are born either male or female (there are exceptions of course for example a "flower" that can have both genders in their structures) That we "feel" that we are living in the wrong body is an "issue" of the mind. And I'm not judging anyone that might have that issue. It is something they have to deal and may be very real to them.  But you cannot equate faith in God and transgenderism both as mental illness. 

  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    It's not a mental illness if you believe in the right one - Lucifer. Turn your trust to him and you will be blessed with eternal pleasure.

  • 9 months ago

    Believing in God is not a mental illness, it's called faith.  You can't see God, but for people who have faith they can feel his presence.  A transgender is a mental illness, but if your an adult, what ever you want to do with your body is your business. It's when they push their agenda on young children thats where I draw the line.  Epstein didn't kill himself.

  • Steven
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    9 months ago

    Yes my mom and dad make me take medicine for hearing God's voice along with the other voices. They claim to believe in the same God I do and claim they do not hear voices when I asked them if they do. They do what the voice of God tells them to do when I hear the voice tell them to say something directly or indirectly to me. Talk about being hypocrites.

  • Shadow
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    9 months ago

    It’s not a mental illness. Believing in a fictional character called god is being delusional meaning mind problems for fools who can’t prove their point.

  • 9 months ago

    You should ask this person now that I don't see your intellect and intelligence then you have no intellect and if I'm sure of your science I'm a mental illness

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