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Does anyone know if BPA is safe for humans?

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    Most things, including BPA, are neither "safe" nor "dangerous", but instead represent a risk that varies depending on the amounts involved.  Sort of like crossing a street: not very risky when there is little traffic but hecka risky in heavy, fast-moving traffic, or perhaps cigarettes: one a day is a bit risky but two packs a day is very risky.  Neither will require that anything bad will happen, but they both will increase the odds that bad will happen.  A cigarette, itself, is not really unsafe or dangerous. It is how much you expose yourself that is the problem.

    There are studies which indicate increased risk over the long term to human health of individuals that get repeatedly exposed to BPA, so it is one of those things that is best avoided if possible.  It is not unsafe to be exposed to it, but it is not exactly safe either.

    It is risky enough that things which can add BPA to water or fluids or foods that will be consumed, are generally warned against.  The benefit is not worth the increased risk to health over the long term. there is no guarantee that any harm will come from it, at all.  Just more likely.  It is not poisonous, it will not make a person sick immediately as a response, so it is not "unsafe" (not like bleach, which even in relatively dilute solutions likely will cause immediate problems).  Being exposed to a bit of BPA once in a while is not likely to be a problem.  Every day, though, is probably not wise.

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      The government has said, fine,  no problem but I doubt it. Certainly not natural. 

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    BPA works like a hormone and change your body. It is also suspect to cause mutant cells. I usually compare it with a little child playing with buttons in a nuclear power plant.

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    i would ask your doctor or a pharmacist this question

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