Would a motorcycle with a nude rider go faster than a clothed rider?

The  weight saved by riding nude without any gear on could be up to 20 lbs, the wind resistance may be less if oiled down  or waxed perhaps?

No hair either.

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  • 3 weeks ago

    If the nude was well oiled.

  • Fred
    Lv 5
    3 weeks ago

    "Would" (as your question states) a nude rider go faster on a motorcycle than a clothed rider?

    Yes, the nude rider could go a very small degree faster by wind reduction.  Would it be prudent to go faster than somewhere 'North' of around 20 mph nude on a typical abrasive surface?  NOT FOR ME! 

    There are far better ways of achieving land speed than going nude on a motorcycle... most of them detrimental to long distance transit comfort!

    The photo you display of a typical 'street bike' has high and wide handle bars and will go unstable somewhere 'North' of around 130 mph.  Just a guess: It lacks a steering damper making it out right 'suicidal' anywhere 'North' of 130 mph!

    If you desire is to go somewhere over 200 mph in the nude on a  'stock' motorcycle format dedicated to achieve velocities in excess of that speed with only removal of electronic device to prevent such an act  ... I'll stand aside and watch for an entertainment factor!   

    Fall off and the end result will be indistinguishable from a 180 lb. hamburger paddy!!!

    Land speed motorcycle attempts have gone 'unstable' at 200mph+ and a fully equipped rider walked away!  Stated, "I had sand in every opening on my body and had at least three pounds of sand in my mouth!"     Measured oscillation marks  at18 ft. !

  • 3 weeks ago

    yeah no it would be dangerous

  • 3 weeks ago

    Wouldn't make any difference .

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  • 3 weeks ago

    I doubt it would make enough of a difference to be measurable. The weight of the clothing is small compared with the combined weight of bike and rider. The human body isn't particularly aerodynamically efficient. Evolution hasn't optimised for it, because a human can't run fast enough for air resistance to have a significant effect on speed.

  • 3 weeks ago

    The bug splatters and gravel hits are going to be pretty nasty.

  • 3 weeks ago

    Police pursuit would encourage greater speed.

  • Ludwig
    Lv 6
    3 weeks ago


    Here is the comic strip heroine "Nude Motorcycle Girl", which you might like:

  • Tony
    Lv 5
    3 weeks ago

    I love that this is under Books and Authors, and can't help wondering if it's a story you are thinking of wriitng. I hope it is.

    The weight saving would have some effect, but it would be very limited since the bike itself still weighs at least 400 pounds. Waxing the rider probably wouldn't help, and might actually be detrimental. Also, there is good evidence from other areas of technology that suggest that body hair might in fact reduce the wind resistance. It's not the reason we have body hair however, and wind resistance is unlikely to have been a trait that is selected for in human evolution.  However, in the case of sharks, they have tiny denticles on their skin that make it rough (it used to be used as sandpaper, termed 'shagreen'). Through a complex hydrodynamic process it is thought that the roughness actually reduces drag (in water), perhaps by creating small eddies close to the skin's surface that interrupt the boundary layer. The dimples on a golf ball are considered to have the same effect, and for a while I know that BMW designed small dimples into the surfaces of their car's wing mirrors for the same reason.

    Cyclists may claim that shaving or waxing reduces air resistance - however some people counter-claim that they just like the sexy feel of shaved legs (note, they also love wearing lycra as often as possible - tight clothing will have less drag than baggy clothing, but arguably on training runs they would be better off wearing ordinary (non-erotic) loose clothing to increase their drag and therefore increase their work effort - hence when they come to compete in their lycra their cardiovascular fitness will be better, their drag reduced, and they'll go faster). In the same way, runners frequently train on harsh hills to push their limits, and when they then race on flat courses their speed is often improved.

  • Logan
    Lv 4
    3 weeks ago

    I mean, it's possible. But an oiled naked human has no chance of keeping their seat so...

    • Abe Gippeau
      Lv 5
      3 weeks agoReport

      Surely you just would avoid waxing or oiling the riders bottom?

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