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What should I do to prepare for ballet?

I'm starting ballet next September so I have plenty of time. I want to do something all this time to get prepared for my classes. What can I do?

Stretch? What?

Please don't tell me to do nothing because I'll learn everything once I start. I want to do at least something before I take up ballet. Something that will help me with it.

Any idea?

I don't think I want to do online ballet classes because I might learn bad technique and hurt myself and that wouldn't be nice so..

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    You can go online and familiarize yourself with basic terminology and what they mean. Don't try any of it, but seeing what it looks like and what things are called always helps in the long run. Read books about ballet, learn all you can about the history of ballet. It may not come up in class, but it will make you more knowledgeable about the subject. Make sure you  have what you need for class-leotard, flats, tights, bag, towel, you will want to carry a water bottle in your bag, deodorant, change of clothes or clothes to put over your leo. I agree with Mint, a yoga or pilates class would be beneficial. As far as stretching, if you join one of those classes, you will be stretched well.  

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    I’m glad you aren’t considering online classes because learning ballet properly require corrections from a qualified teacher as well as a proper sprung or floating floor like you would find at a reputable dance studio so you won’t get injured. What I suggest is pilates or yoga if you want to do something. That is how professional ballet dancers cross train.  Indiscriminate stretching isn’t always helpful if you don’t know what to work on or how to work on it properly. Muscles, strength and flexibility built in ballet training is very specific and both yoga and pilates work along similar lines. While you can work on these on your own, I suggest taking a few classes  to get you going in the right direction. 

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  • 8 months ago

    The best thing to do for any kind of dancing is exercise. Go to the gym, do stretching, stay active. I'm sure ballet uses a lot of the lower body muscle so when you're at the gym Target lower body muscles and your core. It's very important to get your conditioning and strength up to a level so that you won't tire out during your training.

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