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I wanted to put my daughter in ballet but she has scoliosis?

My daughter is 8 and I wanted to put her in ballet but and she has scoliosis. Can I still register her for classes?


I don't want her back to be damaged. Should I forget ballet and let her do something else?

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    It is often us teachers that find a scoliosis seeing the children working in leotards as we do.  

    I have nothing against a child with scoliosis working in class but I strongly suggest that you find a teacher who understands the condition and ALSO work with a physio for exact exercises to strengthen and pull the spine into line.  

    Strengthening the muscles in the back and doing the correct exercises at this age can, and I mean can, depending on various factors,  straighten up the spine and therefore lead to the child not requiring the awful rods down her back in the future. 

    Please firstly work with a very knowledgable physio.  

    If you are UK and can get to London I strongly suggest you see a friend of mine,  Shirley Hancock. 

    And as for doing something else,  there are far worse things you could choose so be careful.  I think ballet is your better option.  

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    My daughter's ballet teacher was the first to notice her scoliosis. When she saw the specialist it was an s shape with even 40 degree curves. He said keep dancing. The muscles she has developed are helping stabilise her spine. She is 14. She also sees a chiropractor regularly. It is a balancing act but she is still intending to try to dance as a  career. She works en pointe, does jazz and contemporary.  There is no way exercise, physio, chiro or osteo can straighten it. Surgery or a back brace are the only ways. Talk to a specialist and the intended dance teacher. Anything is possible. 

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    The most important question is what your daughter wants to do. The next one, of course would be if her doctor and prospective teacher were happy with it.

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    Yes, you could register her, but let's be realistic. Have you asked her doctor about this? Scoliosis varies in severity, but it does tend to get worse with age, and it can be painful. Ballet dancers need supple spines. I'm sure the exercises would be good for her spine, but ballet is very demanding and it requires a lot of physical effort. If she fatigues before the others, she might be the butt of ridicule.

    You could try it and see what happens. Maybe she'll drop out on her own without any big disappointments. There's always swimming, which isn't so demanding on the spine.

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    Yes! Definitely put her into ballet class. It will strengthen her core muscles.   My daughter teaches ballet and has four students with scoliosis.  Talk to her doctor and ballet teacher. You want a teacher who is well trained. I would look for a ballet academy. Or dance academy that focuses on ballet. 

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    Can she do the moves without pain?

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    But it may help her back too.

    Check with her specialist.

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    This is a question for her doctor(s).

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    The great New York City Ballet Ballerina Wendy Whelan suffered with the same thing. It will depend on how severe the scoliosis is but you need to talk to her doctor and the ballet teacher. Look up Wendy’s story for more information. Make sure the ballet teacher is knowledgeable about working with students with this condition. 

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