What exactly is Marinol?

I have Crohn's disease and Ulcerative colitis and often sometimes have chronic abdominal pain due to this condition. I recently had a very bad flare up and it caused me to loose lot's of weight and so on... Anyways, I now go to pain management for pain medications and he recently prescribed me Marinol to increase my appetite and I'm trying to understand a little more about. Preferably from someone who has taken it before so I know what to expect. From what I'm seeing it's a synthetic THC (cannabis) Man made form of weed. So I kinda just want to know what I should expect from it? I presume increased appetite as that's why I was prescribed it. It say's I may get a high from it, Is this true? If so, How much of a High? I would still like to function, but also have sleep issues and that effect would help me sleep. Also does it help with pain any at all? Thanks. Any information is helpful to me. BTW, No I wouldn't ever abuse a drug like this or any drug in this case and only take it as prescribed. I only asked about the high like I mentioned because it would be nice too also have a mellow out mood to help sleep from it too so I can get more than just one benefit out from it.    

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  • Zirp
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    8 months ago
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    it is synthetic and very similar to THC

    It is NOT a "manmade form of weed". Actual weed contains many dozens of different psycho-active substances. Marinol is made to imitate just ONE of them.

    If it doesn't do FOR YOU what it's supposed to do, you might be better off with some type of real weed - but that's illegal, and marinol on prescription is not...

    Some CBD-product may be an option too

    • Billy8 months agoReport

      Thank you for a better explanation. I live in a state where if I needed actual weed, I'd would go about getting a medical card for it and go the legal way. I'll give the pills a try being they were prescribed for me and are legal in that case for me to have and use. 

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