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How should I move knowing this information ?

I need advice let’s say you work in a sales department for a company and one of the people you serviced gave you a lead to make a couple hundred on the lead. You could choose to do a side gig but choose to only do work within the company. So you hand out business cards etc and have a good reputation for your work. The person who gave you the lead says hey I reached out and sent several people to you but they were funneled to other independent contractors what are your thoughts 💭(You look up names and find out they asked for you )  But the owner of the company decides to withhold this information knowingly should you chunk it to just business or take it as a slight being that you had calculated that within your gross for the month and now see someone else benefit. 

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    Without knowing anything else, I would question if you are really an independent contractor.

    - independent contractor operator their own company, so there is no "within the company" when referring to another company.  That makes it sound like you are an employee.

    - also, if you are an independent contractor, your friend would have given them your name and your contact information directly, not asked them to call some company and ask for you.

    If you really should be classified as an employee, I'd look for another job ASAP.  If the company screws people like this, they probably cheat with everything else and you wouldn't want to be associated with that, would you.

    But going back to your original question - should you just deal with people who asked for you being assigned to others?  I think you need to discuss this with the owner and make sure they know that you are open to reviewing your performance, if it's a performance issue (i.e. he did it because he thinks the others do a better job or something like that).

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