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Ghost shrimp v Whisker Shrimp?

I know ghost shrimp is an all encompassing term for a species of shrimp. I want the ghost shrimp that is passive and don't go after my betta.

I bought about five "ghost shrimp" from pet smart to help me maintain my betta tank because the two I bought for trial did a really good job. Two weeks after I added the new ghost shrimp into the tank I saw my betta fin began to rotish. I thought it was rotting so I began adding almond leaves, but today I saw one of my ghost shrimps latch onto my betta's fins. I currently pulled out all my shrimp, and did a little research.

Apparently, there is a whisker shrimp that is a ghost shrimp look alike that will attack your fish. I just want to know what discerns them from ghost shrimp so I can remove it quickly.

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    I've never heard of shrimp living on in the afterlife, perhaps they are angry because of unfinished business on the mortal plane. 

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