Would you agree that small town living is the worst?

Not everyone wants to live in a metropolis, or can for that matter. However, once you leave the big city life everything else seems to pale in comparison. I know this because prior to living in a small town with my Parents(due to a stroke) I lived in New York City. I've discovered that not only is there very little to do in small towns, but the people here also live sad small lives. There aren't as many opportunities in a small town, things to do, or educated people for that matter. The only local I really know does the same few activities(euchre, boating, camping) on a regular basis, generally has nothing truly interesting going on, and is SO concerned with very trivial things. I just find small town life so limited and somewhat pathetic. In contrast, while living in NYC it not only felt like the sky was the limit, but I also consistently met interesting people doing interesting things. In most conversations overheard in suburbia, getting a new roof is big news. Conclusion? I HATE IT HERE.

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    Meh... small towns are boring after living in a big city, but the people are better in my opinion. City people are just raised to be selfish, obnoxious, loud, immoral, attention whores, egotistical, drama queens, sociopaths, etc. 

    I pay $4300 a month for a tiny 2 bedroom apartment in an okay part of a big city. I could be renting or paying the mortgage for a large 5-bedroom house with a pool in a small town for that price. 

    Cities are also more crowded, dirty, crime-infested, etc. And it takes a ridiculous amount of time to travel in a big city compared to a small town.

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    However, once you leave the big city life everything else  seems to pale in comparison

    I lived in NYC for 2 years.  It's crowded, traffic's a *itch, rent is very expensive, the subway is dark & gloomy, and I always felt I need to watch my back when I went out @ night. 

    I'd much rather live in a smaller city.  And if I feel the need, I can always jump in my car & drive to the big city.    

    Best bigger city I've ever lived in - Minneapolis MN.  Problem with it, the winters are brutal.    

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    I hate living near and working in NYC.  Lived and worked here my whole life.  It has become intolerable.  I stay because, like you, I have family obligations.  When those obligations are no longer, I am out of this crowded ridiculous mess.

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    I would hate to live in NYC. 

    I wouldn’t like small town living either.  But many people do. Everyone has their own preference.  Great news is there are plenty of small towns, big cities, suburbs, country, farms, and cities of all sizes to pick from.  It would be weird if everyone liked the same thing


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    I've never lived in a large city, so I can't really comment on the way of life in one. I was born and raised in a town of 66k people here in Nor Cal, not too far from Sacramento. I do agree that the lack of jobs is the big problem for me. I'm wanting to work in IT, not exactly sure in what yet, but I know I want to work with computers. In my town, IT jobs are next to impossible to get. Even a crappy retail "tech" job is difficult to get since there are just very little opportunities for this field of work. I was fortunate enough to get an IT internship at a local dried fruit company last year, but that's it. There are 2 IT job openings that I've applied to and am hoping I can at least get an interview.

    The night life here is beyond dead. The "downtown" area is pretty small and not exciting. There are plenty of small local restaurants, cafes and shops but I really don't care for them. My uncle has some friends visiting from Mazatlan, Mexico which is a very large city and it was quite a shock for them when they came here. They regularly get bored because there's just not a whole lot to do in this area.

    On the flip side,I have visited large cities like Portland, SF, Phoenix, Sacramento, San Jose, LA, etc and mostly like the attractions. My family and I usually go to SF about once or twice a year. It is definitely a different vibe and way of living in those areas. However, the biggest turn off for me is the traffic in large cities. Driving around LA is very annoying, especially with the heavy traffic. That is definitely something I don't like about large cities.

    City living isn't for everyone just as small-town/city living isn't for everyone. For the most part, I prefer living in my small town over wanting to live in a large city, except for the lack of IT job opportunities. It is significantly cheaper living here than SF, relatively small amount of traffic, but at the same time there's really not much to do here. The silver lining of the town I live in is that isn't too far away from larger cities. The bay area is about a 2.5-3 hour drive and Reno is about 2.5 hours away.

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    No, I wouldn't. I live in a small town, in fact the place I live isn't even a town, and I like it very much. I also grew up in a large city and would never voluntarily live in one again. I don't even want to live in a small city.

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