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painted bathroom looks patchy when wet ?

just recently painted the bathroom with matt emulsion it was pink and I painted it white.

It took many a coat and even with the last looked patchy... however the next morning once it had dried it looked great... until I had a shower and the moisture has made it look patchy in places again.. but when It dries out looks fine.

any ideas whats going on ?


yes I didn't know it had to be primed was doing it for my mum she didn't know either... can I do anything to rectify this ? can I prime it now then paint over it with emulsion ?

Its that wallpaper with a raised pattern for painting over.

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  • 8 months ago

    Did you prime it?  Did you paint over the pink with a white undercoat (primer) and then use regular paint for the final two layers?  If you didn't then that's your problem.

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