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Breahing problem?

So about 6 months ago one day while i was sitting down my breathing outta no where started getting harder. Whenever i take a deep breathe i feel no pain, i dont cough at all but my left lung just feels clogged or closed. i can take the deepest breathe ever and i still wont be able to  breathe through it just my right. i went too the emergency there checked my heart did blood tests and did a xray and everything came out normal. i dont have asthma they checked that too. a year ago freshmen year i was dumb enough too vape. i vaped maybe for 3 days and took 30-40 puffs. will 30 hits of a vape cause this? im starting too get shortness of breathe and every morning when i wake up my left side feels sore please help im only 15

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    The symptoms look a lot like some ribs on the left side of chest might be partially dislocated (called a subluxation or slipped rib)   This can happen when growing, and sleeping on that side can make it a lot worse.  When the ribs are not  resting in the correct position, the rib cage cannot expand and contract normally, so breathing is impaired. 

    Stop sleeping on your left side. 

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    see a pulmonologist, and ER is just to make sure nothing serious is happening, a pulo doc will get into it deeper.

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    Do they still teach you how to write in high school? This is such a tedious mess to read that I can barely make out a question.

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