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My mother taped my mouth shut for swearing at her. What can I do about this?

I'm 17, the oldest brother among three. My mom's a single mom, and I love her, but I believe I deserve to be respected by her. 

I wanted to take my girlfriend out for a date yesterday evening and she wouldn't let me just because I hadn't cleaned my room. I thought this was so minor but she became stubborn. I got impatient and called her a bit**. It was just hot-headed, in the moment and I probably overreacted a little. 

But in front of my younger brothers, she came over and gave me such a hard slap across my face I could feel a bruise forming on my left cheek. I literally broke down and said how dare you but she ordered me to pull my hand away from my face, which felt like it was on fire, and actually put tape over my mouth and said let's hear you swear again. 

She wouldn't even let me go to my room. Just made me sit there with tape over my mouth in front of my brothers to embarrass me. I was forced to sit there till 8 PM, when she took my phone, removed the tape and sent me to bed.

I only just got my phone back and still feel very degraded. The tape was even worse than the slap, which was emasculating enough. Am I not too old to be treated like that for just saying something slightly rude?

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  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    No she did the right thing. 17 is the rebelling age and that is just what you are doing.think about this was all this worth it? You wanted to go out on a date all you had to do was to clean your room, that’s all she asked of you. She was not stubborn, you were and called her derogatory names over her not taking your ****. The fact that you felt disrespected is just your ego talking it wasn’t actual disrespect, it was her laying the law at home. Had she let this go without a sanction your two other siblings would then start getting disrespectful with her over smaller things, and you would have caused that to happen. Don’t make life harder than it is for her as a single mother, own your **** and go apologize because you overreacted in a bad manner. 

  • 9 months ago

    A clean room is a sign of a clean mind and organized person, your mother is just trying to teach you some personal responsibility. Secondly, you shouldn't be calling anyone that, especially your own mother. Hot-headed or not, calling someone out of their name is completely disrespectful, not 'slightly rude'. No man in the house might've contributed to you not knowing how to act... but there's still no excuse, assuming your mother raised you better than that.

    As for the slap... not the best course of action on her part, but you need to internalize your actions. In the end, you were wrong for what you said to her and should apologize once you realize that. Maybe she will also apologize for slapping you, I imagine any parent would regret doing such a thing... but I also imagine they wouldn't expect to be called a b***h by their own child, especially if they don't use that kind of language.

    It's hard enough being a single parent, don't make it more difficult than it has to be for her, alright? And watch who you're hanging with... I wouldn't be surprised if the wrong people are rubbing off on you.

  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    You sound like a typical, stupid, entitled millennial ****.

    Who pays for the phone she took from you? The roof over your head? The close you are wearing? You have some set of b@**s to speak to your mother in front of your siblings in that manner. Be thankful for two things. First of all, your mother loves you enough not to throw you out on your *** and secondly I wasn't around to hear you call your mother a bit*h. If I was I'm sure it wouldn't happen again. Wise up, and fast!


    You apologize to your mother.

    Source(s): Father of three respectful kids.
  • 9 months ago

    Maybe try not swearing, cant be that hard

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  • Ramiro
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    9 months ago

    She brought you into this world 🌎 and she can take you out of it 👧 so respect your moms bro. Until your 18 then you can take that tape off your mouth and scream all you want in your own house

  • e9601:
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    9 months ago

    You bratty punk. Shame on you. Apologize to your mother for being a brat and pull your share of the load.

  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    You are 17 years old when you're old enough to be considered an adult move out of your mother's house until then respect your mother you're lucky she only taped your mouth shut if you were my child I would take you out back and use a switch on you you sound like a little brat also one day your mom's not going to be there for you and you're going to be all alone enjoy your mother while you have her

    Source(s): I lost my mother at 8 years old everyday I wish I spent more time with her
  • 9 months ago

    she should have knocked them out, you do not deserve anything you haven't earned.. and from your own statement you have not earned it. 

    If you were my kid you would be out on your 18th birthday just like he was.. Get the hell out if you cant follow the rules set for you and go learn some self respect and respect for others before you come back... That's what I told him... HE just retired from the military with over 20 years in and has a great retirement and did learn from his FUUK UPS.

  • 9 months ago

    That’s your mom. Stop being a little chomo when you don’t get your way and everything you want. Earn respect by showing it punk

    Source(s): I’m your dad
  • 9 months ago

    Way too harsh c’mon your 18 not 5 neither you or her should of done this

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