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Starbucks ex employee ?

What exactly makes you non rehire-able? I’ve heard theft, constantly being late and your manager not liking you lol. I use to work at Starbucks but left because the store and the majority of its employees were a disaster and no I didn't leave a 2 week notice. Just told my manager I had family problems/emergency and could no longer work. I was never late, only called out once because I had a migraine  for a week my manger didn’t hate me and I never got any complaints. I have an interview this Friday for a different Starbucks location. 

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    8 months ago
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    It's not about being "non rehire-able", lol.   Unless it involves criminal activity, managers even within the same company can be very different in how they react to prior issues.

    With that said, NEVER leave a job without giving notice.   This stuff can follow you, and no matter how bad it was, future employers will simply see that you bailed on them.  I'm a hiring manager, and if I Iearn of this, I always ask why they did this, but I have yet to hear an explanation that justifies it.  It's about doing the right thing, even if those around you aren't.

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      One of my shift mangers almost got physical with me I think that justifies me quitting lol. 

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    8 months ago

    If you were not eligible for rehire, why would they waste time interviewing you?


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