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Which three states are most IDEAL to live in and why? (See details)?

***Based on the criteria of taxes, socio-demographics, economies, geography, and political climate?


** Lowest taxes: income tax, property tax, sales tax

   Socio-demographics: (well rounded)

   Strong economy: (job opportunities, state financial structure)

   Geography: (well rounded)

   Political climate: not leaning particularly hard either left or right

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  • Foofa
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    8 months ago

    What's an "ideal" political climate is going to vary greatly by individual. Some might think California has the perfect political climate whereas for others that might be Alabama.

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  • A.J.
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    8 months ago

    If three states were most ideal, everyone would move there, and they wouldn't be ideal any more. And you left out the main criteria of being ideal places to live.

    Net pay scales vs cost of living

    Climate and weather

    Entertainment and recreation availability

    and for parents, public education quality and costs

    Health care quality

    Taxes are a part of net pay vs cost of living

    Socio-demographics is a personal preference

    Economies are not as important as distribution of wealth, back to net pay  vs cost of living and opportunity for advancement.

    Geography is meaningless. City and specific location is more relevant than US State.

    political climate is also personal preference

    No wonder this is asked anonymously

    Las Vegas, where I live, I chose based on not needing to work any more. I live off my savings and pensions until Social Security kicks in and I'll begin tapping my long term assets.Raleigh, NC is excellent as an overall package, but most of the state is not great. Austin and San Antonio are good pockets in Texas. For San Antonio, I hope white Latino/Hispanic is OK and everyone there has no issue with it.San Diego and the entire Silicon Valley is great if you can afford it as a professional. Wouldn't live among closed minded undereducated or greedy Trump supporters.

    Weather climate as never cold is important to me now. I did my time in snow and ice.

    Name any place and I'll point out its flaws.

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  • 8 months ago

    Taxes: New Hampshire, which has no income tax and no state sales tax. Eat your lil hearts...OUT...Californians! lol

    Socio-Demographics: Well, AnonnieGurl, that all depends upon what you're looking for, doesn't it. Care to share?

    Economies: Again, what do you want in the way of an economy? One that's great for knowledge workers, blue collar worker, retirees, illegal aliens...what?

    Geography: Again...

    Political Climate: And again...

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  • Mike L
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    8 months ago

    That all depends on your views and wants within those topics.

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