is mass migration really happening or is it just fake news?

specifically mass immigration from the 3rd world into ireland and britain that some people say is happening?  some are saying that mass immigration is happening on a large scale and it will result in the indigenous people of britain and ireland to be in the minority by this mid century?

is this really happening here in britain and ireland or are these people just putting out fake news or fake reports?

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  • zeno
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    8 months ago
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    Totalitarians aka democrats destroy the

    Economy and cause massive suffering

    That drives people to leave these corrupt

    Countries. Our democrats are doing the

    Same tactics in America. California is

    Already on the verge of collapse. Millions

    Have migrated out of California and other

    Liberal states like New York and New Jersey

    And Illinois. Too much toxic economics and

    The taking away of people's property and

    Rights = massive migration. Where the real

    Solution to the problem is to deport democrats

    And rebuild that country. Our liberal states

    Need more conservatives to retake the state

    And kick the trouble makers out. That will

    End migration within America.

  • Zirp
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    8 months ago

    Define "mass"...

    Some - maybe thousands of - people are trying to get to the british isles, but MILLIONS of refugees are stuck in Turkey alone, and some 70  million live worldwide.

    and for some reason a lot of brits seem unaware of the connection of Britain being a popular destination with pushing English as world-language.

    People wouldn't risk their lives to get to England if any other european language had been a mandatory subject in their school

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  • 8 months ago

    It is real, but the supranational organizations of the world try to hide it. There are secret subterranean and underwater tunnels that transport the migrants safely to their destination

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