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How will I ever live?

I have severe anxiety and a lot of other mental illnesses, and I can't even do simple things because of my mental illnesses. My mom asked me to call the BMV so I could ask a question about getting my license, and it was too much for me to call. I was having a panic attack just thinking about it. How will I ever live in the real world if I'm too much of a baby to do anything. I got a ton of therapy and **** and lots of iop and php and dbt cbt, everything. I won't I don't even really know why I'm writing this, it's not even really a question because I know what I have to do. I have no hope. I guess I just want support, but yahoo is filled with lots of boomers so I won't get any of that here. I guess I just want somebody to listen to me, and say anything. Thanks if you read this far. 

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    Either numb your pain away with lots and lots and LOTS of drugs (hard drugs, soft drugs, anything) all day, everyday till the day you die or get better... ...or skip the drugs and just keep living in depression and fear but to the point where you're 5h!tting yourself in fear everyday and develop extremely high blood pressure and are always red with chronic panic attacks, sweating, feeling completely sick, throwing up or dry heaving all the time, feeling beyond-hopeless, not sleeping at all anymore, shaking in fear 24/7 and eventually convulsing and going into seizures all while you're mad as hell, full of hate and want to kill everybody at the same time till the day you have a massive heart attack and die in tremendous pain. I warn you, the latter option is beyond-miserable and might turn you so mad you might make some bad enough choices to the point where you may even end up in hell after you die. If I were you, I'd go on with life and accomplish whatever I can accomplish one-step-at-a-time style, but I'd pick the former option, self medicate if my anxiety is that bad, basically succeed in life while self medicated is the best answer besides therapy. A psychiatrist is better than a therapist because not only are they someone you can talk to about your problems but they also know how to sort out your medications in order to combat depression and anxiety. I'm not saying therapists are useless though, I have one who I'm very good friends with I've known since 2009. The dark path your on relates mostly to the latter option (fear and destruction) and is only a first class ticket to your grave. Seek help cause you still have plenty of time to catch up and enjoy life, Negative Nancy. lol

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    I totally understand. I have the same issue. I actually havent even gotten my learners renewed and I'm 18. I'm afraid to start a job, I still think of myself as a kid cause I cant even CROSS THE STREET BY MYSELF. and for that I feel luke a failure. I want to be responsible and grown up, but I cant even order food. Are you on any serious medications? 

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    Stop focussing on how stressed you are and remember how blessed you are.

    - Brahma Kumaris

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    NEWSFLASH: You are just being victimized by the increasingly dangerous psychiatry/Big (Pig) Pharma alliance which is trying to brainwash the entire adult and younger population of the United States to think there is something wrong with them either physically or psychologically and “yes (of course) they have a pill for that”. Call it ‘mental illness mongering’. Trying to literally sell you on the idea that there’s everything in the world wrong with you,  so they can put you on psych drugs, a multi-billion dollar a year industry, and/or in a “program” as you say 

    ( IOP, CBT, DBT, blah blah blah...) and turn you into a passive medical/psychiatric consumerist zombie, basically. $$$. That’s the bottom line. Creating all these doubts and fears in you is big business. $$$ for them. We have to stop being victims of this. Stop believing these authority figures who want to convince us we have every kind of mental illness (and/or physical) illness under the sun so they can make a profit off the insecurities and fears they induce in us with these psychological tactics, for which they actually hire psychologists to work in their marketing departments. Start having faith in yourself and start fighting back. Don’t let them diagnose and label you into a dependent, passive medical/psychiatric consumer for their financial gain. They fooled me too and damaged my health permanently with their lobotomy pills. I fell for it. Never again! You must RESIST and you must have FAITH in YOURSELF. You can do it. If you want to go to therapy, consider seeking out hypnotherapy, EFT, maybe neurofeedback, art or music therapy and any other types of therapy which do not involve Pig Pharma lobotomy pills and psychological humiliation via labeling and diagnoses, most of which are incorrect anyway. CBT is also known for its lack of efficacy. DBT not much better. Social workers take your money and give you such garbage in return. They’re just one trick ponies. CBT is good for them, $$$, does next to nothing for you. They can’t think outside the box and come up with anything better. They’re not very smart people, actually. Pill pushing shrinks are even worse. Ask them to sample their own wares. Tell them you’d like to see some of the drugs they’re giving you go into their mouths with a nice big glass of water while you’re sitting across from them in their offices, watching.  See what happens. Don’t worry those drugs are perfectly safe. Yeah, sure. But if you bother reading the fine print about them and ask Dr. (Lechter?) about it he’ll  tell you that it doesn’t mean anything. That they just have to put all that information for every possible known reaction, even though there’s a statistically almost nonexistent chance you’ll succumb to any of them. Yeah, bullsh!t. You SHOULD pay attention to it, because there’s a much better than 50-50 chance that you will succumb to a stastistically VERY significant number of them. Btw, over half of psychiatric diagnoses are incorrect. You can Google that. Something like 57% are incorrect. They’ve done studies. That should scare the sh!t out of people. It’s all a matter of some profit-motivated psychiatrist’s opinion. There are no blood tests for any of these supposed ‘illnesses’. So how do you know they even exist? These shrinks would have you believe that your ‘mental illness’ is caused by a ‘medication deficiency’. Yeah right. As if. Double blind research studies have shown that most of these drugs do not work any better than a placebo. At best they are hardly more effective than exercise, a sauna, double clutch downshifting your Mazda Miata NA through a tight curve, playing the drums or guitar or flute, feeding the ducks at the pond, meditation, hypnotherapy, martial arts training, a good clean non-lethal  fistfight, petting your dog or cat, making love, etc, etc, etc... or a sugar pill even. At worst they create irreparable physiological and neurological damage. You can ask me about it. A lot of people have anxiety these days for good reason. Doesn’t mean you’re ‘mentally ill’ and need to be put on drugs or in a program or whatever. Think about it. They falsely diagnose you to scare you and throw you off balance. Playing upon your fears. Typical corporate marketing tactic of selling you something using fear and playing on your insecurities. But MUCH more dangerous than making you worry you’re going to have body odor if you don’t use the right deodorant. These mental health ‘professionals’ create within you a dependency on THEM. As if you are only “sane” when you’re in their offices or in their programs or on their drugs. Presumably, the moment you’re out of their sight you’re a total lunatic/basket case.  Bullsh!t. You ARE sane. Even more then they, quite likely.  But believe them, give them that power over you by letting them create that gnawing doubt within you, and you then give them the justification (in their minds, anyway) for putting you on neurotoxic drugs to treat you for something that you probably don’t even have, assuming the ‘condition’ in question is even validated by science. Again, no blood tests or any other type of test for any of these mental illnesses exist. None. But the drugs they will convince you you need in spite of that fact will then very possibly damage your body and your brain permanently. No, you don’t feel ‘better’ because the pills work. You are just indifferent to everything (comfortably numb?) because they’ve destroyed parts of your brain which regulate human emotions. That is the purpose of a lobotomy. To make you less than human so you will not ‘behave’ in a fashion that some arbitrary authority figure disapproves of. Even If your ‘aberrant’ behavior harms no one. But they will convince you that you need to conform to a ‘statistical norm’  which benefits THEM economically. It’s ALL arbitrary. It’s also cultural. In some cultures, particularly eastern cultures, people who are in a state which might be pejoratively termed “psychosis” in our culture are believed to be undergoing a spiritual process. It is seen as potential growth and transformation, not as ‘mental disease’ to be excised via a chemical lobotomization, shock treatment or forced hospitalization. People undergoing such psychological changes are not stigmatized or ‘punished’ for this in ALL cultures. You can google this. But getting back to the ‘philosophy’ behind the Big Pharma lobotomy pills, hey, it’s ‘no brain,no pain’, I guess. But that’s really not the same thing as being “well”, is it? Go to a naturopath and get checked out, make sure there are no underlying endocrine or other issues going on if you want. The vast majority of psychiatrists won’t even consider those things. And many people that are diagnosed as bipolar and depressive actually have thyroid and other problems for example. They don’t care they just wanna get you in their offices so they can give you their drugs and make money off of you. The mental health ‘industry’ (it IS a multi-billion dollar INDUSTRY)  is generally a criminal enterprise the way most psychiatrists and psychotherapists practice it in this country.  Don’t fall for it. Fight. Learn a musical instrument, a martial art, rock climbing, skydiving, car repair, foreign language, ANYTHING to build up your faith and confidence in yourself. Don’t let that make you feel small and insecure and dependent on THEM.  That’s PRECISELY their agenda. Then they control you. $$$$$. Always follow the money trail     and all the absurdities going on in this corporate-controlled country of ours will suddenly make sense. Resist conformity, Creativity and out-of-the-box thinking are your friends. Use them. BTW, I AM a baby boomer but I’ve learned my lessons well. The hard way, but well. Growing up in the rebellious ‘Sixties helped but I’ve still made plenty of mistakes. Have faith in yourself.

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    well, first of all... you're wrong.  i see that you write fairly well and for the most part use proper grammar, punctuation and spelling so you're not completely incapable of functioning.  in case you're wondering, i write this way because i want to, so don't bother with a come back.    

    obviously, one thing that you should not do under any circumstances is get a driver's license.  it's possible that one of your doctors has already notified DMV.  nobody wants you on the road killing people and you really have no reason to drive anyway, since you have no personal ambition to elevate your position in life.  take the bus. or uber.  nobody cares, as long as you don't drive.  

    you're right about one thing, though... you don't want help, you just want to lay in a pile and consume, day after day, sucking on the government tit.  so go ahead and waste your life.  nobody cares.  and by that i mean we really, really, really don't.  

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    9 months ago

    I have the same problem but I am old. I am on lots of medication. I cry everyday. The best thing that helped me when I have an attack is to tell myself I won't die. I then try to take deep breaths with my feet flat on the floor and myself sitting in a chair. I break out in a cold sweat when I have an attack. I've been on two heart monitors in my life. Try to limit caffeine as much as you can because that only makes things worse. Exercises and breathing cold air can help too. Get your B 12 levels checked and make sure they aren't too low. Good luck. I know exactly what you are going through because I went through it myself.

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    9 months ago

    You sound like a whiny pants p*ssy.

    WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM?  "We" can't help if "we" don't know the issue.

    And you're right.  "It's not really a question."

  • zeno
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    9 months ago

    That is DMV. Your too emotionally driven. Try

    To focus on being rational or only thinking

    About getting needed stuff done. Life is full

    Of annoying stuff: boiling hot summers, freezing

    Winters, insects that bite or harass you, traffic

    Jams due to drivers that suck at driving or

    Are distracted playing on their iPhone or

    Taking to others in the car. You have to put

    Up with lots of bull crap every day in this crazy

    World. Make the rest of it. Good luck

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    I guess the question you have to ask yourself is, "What am I so afraid of?" You can usually get through a panic attack with slow, deep breathing, so is it something else that you're afraid of? The best way to develop confidence in your ability to do things in life is to start doing things. Even if you fail, you learn that it's not the end of the world. You pick yourself up and try again. Championship ice skaters have fallen down many thousands of times before they start winning championships, but they just get up and keep skating. If you use your anxiety as a way of hiding out from the world, you'll never do all that you're capable of doing. So make that phone call; it's just a phone call.

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