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What were the hardwares of a computer of windows 95/98 at 1995 and 1998 usually be like?

Especially compared to now

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    Windows 95/98 only required 4 mb of memory to run, with a recommended 8 mb. (That is mb not gb). Most computers at that time had less then 640 mb of ram as most system boards could not use more than then that.

    The ran 386 processors, and the average hard drive was between 20 and 40 GB in size.

    the cheapest tablet you can buy today is more powerful then the computers when Win 95 was released.

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  • Fulano
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    Most of the Windows 98 computers I used went from a Pentium 90 to a Pentium 133, up to Pentium 3 CPUs.

    If you look for benchmarks to compare such CPUs most of them don't even go that far back.

    Passmark's oldest benchmarks had Pentium 4, which got a score of 119.

    Compare that to modern CPUs who get single core scores of 2839.

    The RAM was measured in MB rather than GB, I had an old laptop from the era with a whopping 64 MB of RAM... It was a lot when I got it...

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    Single core, slower processors. Less ram. Much smaller hardrives.

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    They usually be like obsolete now....if you don't believe me feel free to google it.

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