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I think a guy in my class dislikes me for no reason and it’s making me very uncomfortable, I need advice ?

Basically it all started when we were put in the same group for an assignment and we were all getting to know one another I just so happened to sit next to him in class in our group and I was being friendly and witty my humour is full of sarcasm and jokes, we’d laugh and he’d take it well sometimes saying “go awaay” or “shut up” in a joking way. 

But I soon realised he was a bit touchy I’d laugh at something I saw in my phone and he’d instantly think I was laughing at him instead.

Now it’s too the point where I’ll be talking normally and he will pick out small things to bring me down or make me uncomfortable, one second he’s being passive aggressive the next he’s saying he likes what I’m wearing but I take it like he’s judging me and not a compliment, (this guy has a gf by the way in case you say he likes me which I don’t think at all).

Today for example he asked where we found a certain photo for our PowerPoint and I just said “oh google” and he said “don’t be a c*nt” when I wasn’t being sarcastic. 

After that, he was asking me about my birthday and what car I drove etc so many questions but I’m afraid to speak to the point I stutter when he talks to me because he makes me uncomfortable then he mocks the stutter when it happens.

He’s in my class for the next few years and two of my assignment groups I don’t know how to handle it, thanks for reading sorry it’s so long .

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