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Kokoro what did you mean by "The difference between a beginner technique and an advance technique is the application of the technique."?


I saw you stated this a few times

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  • Kokoro
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    8 months ago
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    The technique down guard for example, the beginner application is to block a low level attack such as a kick or a low strike, the advance applications can be a grappling or trapping technique such as if someone grabs you and you trap arm and throw them, or put them into an armbar during the trap.

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  • DKG
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    8 months ago

    It is the simple but fundamental grounds of the fight.

    For example, from Silver: Judgement, Distance, Timing, Place. Being able to assert your will onto your opponent without being subjected to the same.

    Amongst these are structure of the fighter (and his weapons), and in moving in true rather than in false time. Also ways of moving - Press in Fly out.

    Different systems have alternative ways of talking about these things, but if you do a right thing at the right time, from the right position and in the right manner you will be successful more often than by using a gimmicky 'advanced technique' - though this *can* be useful to break a stalemate or to disconcert a nervous opponent, 'tricks' should never replace sound judgement and technique, and cannot be relied on to be repeatable advantages. You are better off doing a few simple techniques *extremely* competently, than a dozen fancy tricks poorly and under the wrong circumstances.

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