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Why can an able human skeleton move when a rock could not if a heart and veins were inserted into it and jump started?


muscles and joints and all human elements inserted also

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    A person can have sections of bone, joints etc. replaced with metal/plastic/ceramic components and move just the same as before.

    It's not what the skeleton is made of that matters, it's the _living_ brain, flesh, nerves and muscles that control it that are important.

    You cannot "jump start" a once-living person, after they are truly dead and decaying.

    "Rock" is not used in transplants as it's not a suitable material for implants, it's too brittle for one thing and the body's immune system is likely to see it as a foreign object and try to get rid of it.

    It could technically be used if coated in a biocompatible plastic, but there is no good reason to do that.

    Certain metals, ceramics and plastics can be implanted without the body trying to reject them and are used in situations where they are mechanically appropriate.

  • Satan
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    10 months ago

    It'd need muscles as well

    Also the muscles would need something to move, like a joint

    Nerve impulses to contro the muscle

    the heart would also need a fuel source

    The blood would need air and fuel to supply to the muscles

    ....The list goes on and on

    Why dont you just move the rock yourself?

  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    4 monkeys, 10 seconds

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