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What is a good location for solo travelers to go on vacation ?

A few years ago I did Hawaii it was good because I signed up for a lot of activities and tours.  I did snorkeling scuba movie site  tour etc. I also enjoy art and culture but I don’t think I would enjoy going to Paris and seeing art museums all day alone that much. 

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    There's a lot more to do in Paris than visiting museums. You can take cooking classes there, too. There a group of ex-pats who meet up - I think the first Tuesday of every month, and there are tours to castles in the Loire or Versailles. I often spend a week at a time in Paris and never run out of things to see and do. There's music at night- often free in the churches, shopping, people watching, eating, etc. 

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    Paris is beautiful and there is always something to see, I've been a few times and never get bored. I'm not big on museums either but Paris has lots to see (Versailles, Palace Garnier, Giverny etc). I'd also suggest Rome, definitely lots to see. London is also nice for solo traveling as well.

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    Everywhere. Taking someone with you can be a drag.

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    Syria syria syria

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    go to Singapore

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    The Netherlands is a good choice. There's a lot to see and do and it's very easy to get around there.

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    Ireland           .

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