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Why is Dirac railing on JimZ and Sagebrush again?  Is it because Jim and Sage have dominated Troll Dirac in debate?

Dirac also said he created the bot, but he is obviously lying.  He is trying to prove himself smart, but he is too old and feeble-minded to understand computers.

Check the link.  Dirac says (in part):

"JimZ is the top contributor, he has come up with gems like "I don't know if GW is real. I don't even know what it means." and "Ice melts. That is its job." He is has a deep hatred and irrational feer for communism which he believes will destroy the economy.  The irony is that he moved to California because he could double/triple his income. Despite this, I doubt he has sock accounts."

"What you don't realize is that I have played you like a puppet on a string.  Something I tried to do with Sagebrush for years, but never quite accomplished. Some people might have suspected it, some people might have recognized it, but only one has approved and she couldn't stop laughing these last few months.  You responded exactly the way I told her how you'd respond."

"Automating the moving of questions was fun, I had not programed in years and it took me about an hour to get it working, but it got you committed and once you were hooked, you were unable to let go.  Even now that I have told you, you will still not be able to let go and when I go silent, you will feel lonely and unappreciated again."

See the rest of his long anonymous answer here:

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    It is because we use SCIENCE for our answers. To Diarrhea this is like a cross to a vampire. To Diarrhea, science is George Soros talking points and science fiction. 

    Diarrhea has admitted that he has a demented mind. For instance, "What you don't realize is that I have played you like a puppet on a string." Having a part in terrifying naive people into falsely thinking that the world is coming and end and man is the reason is the work of a true psychopath.  

    "Automating the moving of questions was fun." Messing up this site was FUN? Really that is SICK! But that is typical of a LIBERAL mind. They are sick people. Yet our society lets these sickos roam free to heap their ilk upon the rest of humankind. 

    This site could be useful in helping people understand the truth and people like George Soros don't like that. He claims that he plays us like a puppet on a string when in fact Soros or some demonic puppetmaster uses him the same way AND HE LIKES IT!

    There is a wonderful world of truth out there and man has just scratched the surface of it. Instead of advancing science and knowledge these evil lowlifes get in and muddy up the clear waters of truth and are proud of it. What kind of person would do that? Only a mentally deranged person. We see these types even running for public office and many times winning. When you see that happen only bad things can happen. Just look at the filth of San Francisco or the disease-ridden LA where leprosy is now in the continental US. Just look at all the misery and poverty that is happening down in Venezuela where once they had the world's second greatest economy and now look at it. Look at the millions of people who died a horrible death under Stalin. That is what happens when we listen to vile people like Diarrhea. 

    To the simpleminded people like Diarrhea, this seems like only an innocent prank. But when you see sincere people come on this site and ask for truthful information and you instead give them only your vile political agenda-driven crap then you have gone over the line in rationality and crossed over into insanity. 

    We used to lock such people away in institutions until the Carter administration opened up the gates to the mental institutions and let these crazies roam free. Now they have infested their insanity upon the masses and have spawned people like Diarrhea to the bane of the rest of humankind. Just think, Diarrhea has admitted that he has aligned himself with the likes of Soros who is an admitted Nazi collaborator and led many of his fellow Jews to the gas chamber. Yet people like these Diarrhea follows and admires. Not only that he is proud of the fact. 

    He has proven by his works to be an insane person. 


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    So diplomatic question.

  • Anonymous
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    You can quit asking this now..

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    Users do all kinds of things, but posting about them is a violation.

    What's your knowledge seeking question about Global Warming?

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    <Jim and Sage have dominated Troll Dirac in debate>


    Mister Zedd thinks that you have to be a leftist to accept scientific evidence. And Sagebrush's idea of science is irrelevant quotes by non-scientists and videos of graphs taped to see saws.

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    quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, oink

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    republicans are no longer a part of democracy - their lies have taken them to a fantasy world where everyone is Caucasian, loves trump, and dismisses science and anything else that can't be explained on foxnews.

    JimZ and Sagebrush are the two top fantasy writers on this site - one might say their fantasies have risen to high crimes and misdemeanors - or at least bald faced lies.....

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    He believed in Peak Oil which was obvious asininity to a geologist.  He believed because he derives his "science" from his  far left wacko political beliefs.  He believes what the mainstream media says.  If somebody can't figure out the point I was making when I said Ice melts, that's its job, they can go f themselves.  They have Shiff for brains and I may as well debate a 2nd grader.  Ice melting isn't a crisis.  It happens every year (every second really).  Glaciers form on one end, migrate downhill and calve or melt of the other end.  Shiff for brain dead leftists can't seem to help cowering in fear of melting ice because they were told to cower in fear.  That is the point. 

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    Analysis of the Russian troll hashtag showed that its messages were more political ... disinformation strategy, amplification,17 seeks to create impressions of false ... identified bot networks designed to spread vaccine misinformation,18 but the ... Rather, public health research has focused on combating online antivaccine ...

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    Who is the girl to whom Dirac refers in his post?  Is it Elizabeth, his crush?  He is seeking approval from Elizabeth now??!!

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