Does this sound like God or mere coincidence?

I want to be an actor and decided to audit an acting class in Hollywood (and hour and a half from where I live). The class is near Highland and Fountain Ave. As I was getting into Los Angeles and getting off at Santa Monica Blvd. a video popped up in my YouTube suggestions (I was listening to interviews, not watching videos while driving). As I made my way  to the class I clicked the video titled ‘Emmy Nominated Actors Give Advice on How to Make It in Hollywood.” Near the end, the actor William H. Macy said his advice (taken from Bette Davis) was to “take Fountain.” [Context: Bette Davis gave this advice, I later found out, because Fountain Ave. has way less traffic than Santa Monica and Sunset Blvd.] So as I’m pulling onto Fountain I hear this advice. Perfect timing.

Next, after I audit the course I learn that it costs $1,700 for a 9 week class (the guy taught Will Smith and Jared Leto—he knows what he’s doing), and it would be a $350 down payment. I was bummed because my work has cut my hours in half and I couldn’t afford the down payment, that is until I got a text message from a friend of my aunts asking if I’d drive them to a wedding and back. They said they’d pay me $400 for the roundtrip using their vehicle and their gas. So Monday I need $350, and by Thursday I have $400 cash. 

Is ‘take Fountain’ and the $400 coincidence or divine providence?

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  • Anonymous
    7 months ago


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  • Cogito
    Lv 7
    8 months ago

    It takes, on average, seven years of attending a really good drama school and of getting loads of stage and film experience before any good agency would accept you.

    Nine weeks is a drop in the ocean and a very expensive investment.

    You'd do far better to find a good, reputable acting school which offers weekly (or more) classes which you could attend for the next several years. moving from beginners, to intermediate and up to advanced levels, closer to home.  Everything in Hollywood is far more expensive than anywhere else, and usually of poorer quality.

    And no - God has nothing to do with it.  Coincidences happen all the time. 

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  • 8 months ago

    Coincidences do happen once in a while.  You were really fortunate to get that unexpected money.

    However, that still leaves $1350 to be found pretty soon.  Heaven helps those who help themselves, so it would be a good idea to get a temporary job right away.

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