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About medical exam?

Is it always need or required to show your private part in medical exam? and if there are medical exam that don't need to show your private part?

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    I know that you may be scared about this, but I can assure you that any qualified health practitioner, is only able to reveal the parts of the body that they are examining at the time.  They cannot have you naked on the table. The only exception to this is with something like surgery, but for a physical examination they need to cover areas that they are not currently observing.  Most employers for medical exams don't expect to see every single detail. All they really want to know from the examination is that you're physically able to handle the responsibilities on the job, and that you will not impede clients and/or yourself by doing the job.  They are not supposed to reveal every single detail of your exam without your consent.

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    A complete physical exam to check everything would include it. However, most medical exams for specific purposes, such as a pre-employment physical or to diagnosis an illness, would not need it.

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    Simpson is correct, no its not always needed and almost all medical visits do NOT require this. a prostate exam would be the only one that requires anything unless you have a specific genital concern, even those arent done frequently with the PSA blood test.

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    Guys over a certain age, doctors usually want to check them for hernias ('Turn your head and cough'), and for prostate cancer (too horrible!  Not the disease, the TEST!)  I don't know what they check in women.

    If you're super modest about your junk, I suppose you could probably tell the doctor you don't want him to check those things.

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      This just isn’t true. If you break your toe, the foot doc isn’t going to even know how to check for a hernia or “prostate cancer”. 

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    You only show your provider the parts necessary for the exam and testing. If you aren’t complaining of problems with your genitals or attached systems, and it’s not a physical, you won’t have to show them. 

    This means that if you have an earache, they won’t look at your anal sphincter and colon.  

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