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What are the 3 key challenges in public governance in Southeast Asia?

English isn't my native language so I need your help in understanding this question.

Is this question asking what are the three things that make the public governance inefficient in Southeast Asia? Or what three things the institutions in the region should work on specifically?

"In your opinion, what are the 3 key challenges in public governance in Southeast Asia?"

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    It is hard to state what they are. Do you mean the type of government, the efficiency of government departments, behaviour of the people, or what?

    Singapore and Malaysia have efficient government departments, rail and bus facilities and other businesses, BUT they are both one-party undemocratic governments.

    I cannot think of one country in Southeast Asia with democratically elected governments in honest fair elections. Yes, some countries have multiple parties -- Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, the Philippines, but the "Cambodian People's Party" (CPP) always win in Cambodia and other countries have right wing militaristic governments with some having BEEN military dictatorships.

    Freedom and democracy SEEM to exist on the surface in most SE Asian countries, but when a person looks at the facts, neither truly exists.

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