Thesis statement?

Hello I need to craft a thesis statement from this question: 

What role does your mobile phone play in: information seeking, communication, and content creation? Why is it (or why is it not) significant in your day-to-day living?

My thesis is this: This research assignment will shed light on how my mobile phone plays a significant role in my day to day life by helping me to constantly engage in informal learning, build relationships and maintain an online presence through interactions on social networking sites. 

am I on the right page?


My professor also mentioned this : I will mention briefly that your thesis should attempt to directly address the questions of the assignment, and in doing so, it is probably a good idea that the actual terminology of your thesis is reflective of the terminology of the questions of the assignment instructions, in that your thesis mentions/directly uses the terms "information seeking", "communication", and "content creation", or equivalent terms for these terms, 

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  • Mercy
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    1 month ago


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