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I would like to visit Israel, Jordan and Egypt?

I would like to visit Israel, Jordan and Egypt, I would live to rent a car in Tel-Aviv please give me ideas on where can I start in Israel and what border should I cross to go to Jordan and cross again to Israel to visit Elat and end in Sharm Chekh.


@ bravo: it's kind of too late, I already booked with AirBNB for 2 weeks in tel-aviv, scares me a little, where did you get your infos

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    Apparently you want to make your vacation in the car !! I never heard s road trip like this in an unstable state like israel.

    Maybe you should change your plan because crossing borders the way you are planning is dangerous.

    You may start in Amman - Jordan, visit the historical sites and prepare to a full day of driving, around 300km to Elat, I suggest you go to Aqaba and take a ferry (with your car) arrive to Nouaiba port then drive to Sharm el Sheikh, another 250km.

    Tel-Aviv is very dangerous since Hizballa in Lebanon is trying to find a way to divert the Lebanese revolution by playing with Israel, so Israel is really not safe these 2 months.

    @Anonymous : it is up to you, but add to your plans that you can be  blocked in a war zone (if it happens). Good luck any way... what country you are coming from ?

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    Don't get beat up in Israel by Russians

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    i don't know never been there

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    We would like to visit Egypt, Jordan, Israel and Dubai and I am not sure which order would be the best.

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    You might need something like that ameego:

    That's an easy way to look jew-ish

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    Look at a map of the area. That will tell you what route to take. Seriously, are you a child or an adult?

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    You need two passports, - one with an Israeli visa, one without.

    If you start in Israel you will have trouble leaving. You need to talk to someone offering Consular Services.

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