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Do SSRI treatment kills emotions forever?

Male, 26, i was on SSRI(Zoloft/sertraline) antidepressant treatment for a few months.

After a while my emotions disappeared completely so i decided to gradually stop the medication under doctors supervision.

Its been over 5 months now that i stoped the meds but my emotions still havnt returned!

No sadness or joy, just flat, and this became a major concern for me when my grandmother died around two weeks ago and i realised that i didnt feel anything about it.

I have explained this to the doctor but they dont understand why it has happened.

Does anybody have any helpful information on whether this permanent or if i would ever get my old self back?? 

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    You'll regain your emotional life, your old self. Don't worry. The effect of SSRIs wear off in time.

    Source(s): I'm a psychologist.
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    SSRI'S change the brain. Some people who take them for a long time feel that they feel more flat and dull. Many people therefore need a different SSRI to help them feel better again. I take zoloft now with wellbutrin. Zoloft works on serotonin and wellbutrin works on dopamine which is energizing and might work on the flat feeling you are experiencing. Talk to your psych doc about another medicine like effexor or try a combination. Just taking zoloft alone makes me feel crappy and lazy. The wellbutrin helps wake up my brain.

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