in "God Friended Me," why did Nia cover so many of Miles' posters with hers?

Seems to me she went out of her way to go all over own & only put her posters on top of the "Millenniel Prophet" ones.

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  • 4 weeks ago
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    Nia is the scum of the earth and acted out of jealousy. She should be punished by god.

    • Cyberpope4 weeks agoReport

      Does she ever abnsweer for why she did it? I saw Miles meet her in class, recognzing her as the poster person (she even showed them to himn), but he seems to just go ahead & befriend her as a potential love/lust interest, counter to Cara. . .

  • Don't watch it, I always suspicious of network tv attempts at religion

    • Cyberpope4 weeks agoReport

      It's making the point, through the protagonist, that all religion is shite & unnecessary.  I've only watched season one so far. . .

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