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Was I right to ask for a re-referral for a therapist that's a man and that also understands men's issues?

I recently asked my physician (a male that's a PGY 2 resident) for a referral for me to see a therapist and he made one for me to see a new therapist at the clinic he's at. Upon doing some research I find out she's a young female and a couple of years out of grad school. She's also the only therapist at that clinic. I don't want to see her because I think there's high probability that she's a feminist and has absolutely no clue what men are dealing with in a gynocentric society. As an older man I find it hard to believe that she could be truly objective or helpful. As far as I'm concerned this is supposed to be about my emotional well being. And why go to her if I'm going to say what's on my mind and how it makes feel which undoubtedly will make me come across as a misogynist?


@Mark, you're wrong. A feminist can not effectively deal with men's issues because in her mind he will have issues with women because he's a man that doesn't have a gynocentric mindset. If he would just cater to women and shut up about it then his problem is solved.

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    You need to be comfortable with your therapist.

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    That is fine, but you DO know therapists of both sexes know "men's issues". Why do you think she is a "feminist"?  I think you are trolling, (not successfully).

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