Worried about blood results?

Im 28 years old.

I did my bloodwork before my physical appointment because I wanted to know the results when I met the doctor. Unfortunately, due to work and other circumstances Ive had to reschedule the appointment multiple times even tho the doctors office already has the results.

Today I asked if i could the results but the nurse called me and said the doctor would like to go over the results with you during the physical. 

I asked if the results were bad and she said no - we would have called right away if they were.

Now im worried what is their definition of “bad” - bad as in life threatening or bad as in something is slightly off. 

The reason why im worrying is because im afraid about my frequent urination. Would something off in my kidney function warrant a call?

Im a hypochondriac and having to wait an entire week till the actual appointment is killing me.

Any help?

2 Answers

  • 8 months ago

    I doubt anything is "bad", I agree, otherwise they would have called you right away. They may want to go over them with you because of your extreme fears, or schedule follow up.  Kidney function that is serious would not be that asymptomatic and they would have contacted you.

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  • 8 months ago

    frequent urination could be many things...stress, uterine fibroids, diabetes (not likely if you are not over weight..type 1 usually diagnosed in child hood, type 2 usually when over weight).

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