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Is this okay..?

One night my bf and I were aruging and I went into a big anxiety attack and just blacked out. Just panicked. A few weeks back I told my bf if I don't listen (don't judge, but it's what we are into) to just grab me by my throat to get me to be quiet. he lives with two other people he barley knows and so, while I was having my anxiety attack, I was crying, I'm half deaf in one ear also so I can't hear well. He told me multiple times to quiet down because i was gonna get the cops called. I didn't hear him and he tried a few more times. So he did what I told him to do and I tried pushing him off because he pissed me off so he just got me to the ground gently (he didn't hurt me on purpose), covered my mouth and looked me in the eyes and told me to be quiet. It scared me at first, but I did. I snapped out of it.. But he grabbed my throat a little too rough and I told him how he hurt my neck a little. He apologized ("I'm sorry, baby. I didn't mean to..") and gently kissed me neck where it hurt a couple times and gently massaged it.. so is it okay that he did that? He never laid a hand on a women before and has had to get a few to the ground like he did to me because either they were hitting him, throwing stuff, etc etc, but he didn't grab them by the throat because they didn't ask for that like I did. I just want to get someone else's opinion on this

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  • Foofa
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    The fact that he didn't immediately take you to an acute psych intake center shows that he can't be relied upon. You clearly have a severe mental illness and need help. Stop worrying about the minutiae of this interaction when you're so clearly in need of professional help. Having panic attacks on this level as a regular function of your life means you're not living to the fullest and are probably incapable of achieving as you should be.

  • g
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    4 weeks ago

    If thats what you're into and it's okay ... But now you're questioning it and saying he's too rough? Pick your poison, dear. Sounds like open seadon where whenever you want "it's too rough" until it isn't. He'll never know.

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