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Can a guy resist dating a beautiful woman?

I work in an office with 12 other women. A employee from another department Mindy was transferred to our department. To say she was beautiful would be an understatement. She was gorgeous. If there ever was a trophy girlfriend/wife she would be it. At first we all did not like her as we thought our boss Bob, a 29 year old single guy would give her all the choice assignments.

That didn’t happen. He treated her just like the rest of us. No better and no worse. We also started to like her as she was such a nice person. One day we had a staff meeting and Mindy was not there. We asked Bob if he noticed that Mindy was beautiful. He said all my employees were beautiful. WOW, he is good. Someone ask him if he would like to date Mindy. He said he was not allowed to date anyone that worked for him. He said, can you imagine the gossip that would start if I dated someone that worked for me.

Another one of us, Linda asked Bob if he would date her if she did not work for him. He said “We have a date the first day you don’t work for me”. All of us are wondering the same thing.

Is it possible for a single guy can resist dating such a beautiful woman?

Could they be dating in secret?

What do you think about what our boss is saying. Is he a good boss or a bad boss?

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    Perhaps he's gay or just not interested in her.

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