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does downloading google chrome on another operating system and signing in save all your extensions as well?

i still have a custom built windows 7 desktop computer which i got in 2015 sometime...come the time when microsoft stops supporting windows 7, i plan on getting windows 10 stored on another hard drive in this computer so i have both operating systems.

on my windows 7 system, the main browser ive been using since 2015 has been google chrome.....and i'm wondering, when i have windows 10 installed on another hard drive in this computer and i start using windows 10.....when i download chrome on the new windows 10 operating system and sign in....will it also save all my important extensions as well? or will i manually have to reinstall them?....does signing into google chrome not back up your chrome extensions?

one extension i'm concerned about is an extension called 'session buddy' which saves all your browsing sessions and webpages you visit....and i have hundreds of browsing sessions saved in session buddy....and if signing in to chrome on windows 10 won't save or back up session buddy, i'm wondering how i could transfer session buddy from windows 7 chrome, to the new chrome on windows 10?

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    Your extensions will transfer over to the new installation, but I'm not sure if the saved data of the extensions will transfer over. In other words, your saved sessions might not transfer, but the session buddy extension will. I don't know about that extension, but have you checked to see if there is a way to export or save those sessions somewhere? If you can do that, you should just be able to to just restore from your backup.

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