What's the white powder under my vanity?

My home is new construction built a few years ago. There are two builder grade double vanities upstairs. We had some caked white powder dropping into the drawers of the vanity. I realized that the bottom of the countertop (I'm guessing it's the cheap cultured marble type) is completely unfinished, rough to the touch, porous and caked with a layer of white powder on top. I checked the other bathroom, and the bottom of the countertop is smooth/finished and clean. I'm going to shop vac all the powder off of the underside of the vanity, but has anyone seen this before? will it continue to shed dust? Do i need to seal it somehow? or is this piece defective and i should replace it with one that is finished on the top and bottom?

1 Answer

  • 9 months ago

    Taste it. Boric acid has a bitter taste, Cultured marble is bland and wasted coke would taste like flour in most cases.

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