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how does A Clockwork Orange differ from the novel?

I heard Kubrick changed the ending.

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    there are actually two different versions of the novel.  in some American versions, the last chapter is left out. Alex is left unreformed.  in the British (and more recent american) versions, the last chapter basically shows Alex "growing up".  all of his droogs have grown up and started families and jobs, and he's going to also.  the treatment is not what cured him.  (I think I read that burgess was appalled by psychiatric conditioning theories he uses in the book.). he just simply grows out of it.

    I actually find that very, very disturbing.  the idea that someone could do the things Alex has done and still grow up to be a normal "moral" guy is a frightening concept to me.  I know the theory that teenagers are basically sociopaths and that their moral structure isn't really fully in place until later, but it's still hard to believe that a "normal" teen could do some of the things described.  I just don't find that to be a positive, uplifting or "happy" ending.

    anyway, the Kubrick movie leaves out the final chapter also.

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    Book vs. Film: A Clockwork Orange | LitReactor › columns › book-vs-film-a-clockwork-orange

    - But the most drastic disparity between A Clockwork Orange the film and the novel is that Kubrick's film omits a (sort of) happy ending epilogue written by Burgess for the book. ... 'I was cured all right,' he says, and so the American book ends. So the film ends too.

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    There are two versions of the book. In the original Alex reforms at the end. In the version released in the US, the publisher left out the last chapter and Alex is unreformed. Kubrick didn't even know about the last chapter when he filmed the movie.

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    My hardcover of A Clockwork Orange is 192 pages. The screenplay for the movie A Clockwork Orange is 41 pages, which is a typical length for a screenplay. So the differences are massive. In order for Kubrick to bring a book that takes hours and hours to read down to a 2-hour, 17-minute a movie, he had to eliminate 80% of what is in the book.  And that's before taking artistic license, like changing the ending from the treatment working to the treatment not working.

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    The novel ends with Alex "cured" and dreaming about starting a family of his own. The movie ends with Alex relishing a sadistic fantasy showing that the treatment failed.

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    if i remember correctly, The Movie had a "happy ending" with Little Alex ambiguously growing up. In The Novel there is no reformation following The Torture. In the original ending, Alex is implied to become even more perverse following being treated perversely by  the equally perverse doctor.

    Another great question to ask is "what is the difference between the ending of Rambo First Blood The Movie and The Novel?".

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    it IS the novel as well as the movie.

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