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Bacterial vaginosis is not clearing up? ?

First, I thought I had a yeast infection did 7 days cream and 2 pills ... NO yeast infection but the itching did get better. So, have Bacterial vaginosis and it’s taking forEVER to clear up. Today is my last day I’m not feeling better 100% better. I have Bacterial vaginosis before and I had the same symptoms but it’s seems. It doesn’t hurt when I pee but when I wipe and I feel like a tiny itching down there. Hard to explain. I’m very annoyed by this. I be like oh I’m feeling better but I when I go to the bedroom it’s different. Years ago I had a yeast infection and it took forever as well like it was so bad. Now, I’m waiting on my doctor for the culture urine test to see if I have a std... I don’t believe I have this just the same symptoms for a BV

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    Did you get treated for BV? Did you get a BV panel to identify it? How about just a regular culture, not an STI one. In fact, most vaginosis is caused by STREP which is treated differently at times.

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