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What size jumper would my mum be?

Need to know buying her a jumper for Christmas.

She is 5 feet 2 inches tall, small chest,

she isn't skinny but she isn't fat either just average.

what size jumper do you think she would be? I was thinking a 10 or 12 maybe?

thanks for your help

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    Probably about that. Sizes do vary between stores as well. Generally sizes in youth trend type shops come up smaller, and sizes in places that cater to a more middle-aged demographic are bigger. Probably a 10 in M&S and a 12 in New Look, at a guess. You could check a few labels from the laundry.

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      Good answer... Cheaper shops, eg New Look or Quiz, tend to come up smaller in size than better quality shops... M&S these days is hit and miss

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    Possibility of being a big jumper

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    When mom is not looking, or not home, look at size tags in her current clothes to see if any show a size.

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    Best to try and find out her size. Otherwise, be sure you keep the receipt in case it's needs exchanging.

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