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Confused feelings on a passive situation.?

Me & my friends were in a library & we had two tables, one for me & 2 others & another for my friend & her bf. We got there at 9am, at 1pm I left to go do a group project & was told that my friend's table was overtaken by 2 people who shifted her bag to a chair & sat there. My friend accompanied her bf to class. She returned & was shocked & pissed but didn't do anything about it. But I went over to that bag & took out a planner 'to show them that the people who took the table was already back' but didn't say anything to them. I guess I expected them to have manners & say that they were sorry & took the table as there were no other place to sit & were willing to leave. I said remarks, thinking if they had a conscience, they'd leave since my friend came back, but they ignored them & continued sitting. My friend's bf came back & he was shocked & I told him what happened. After talking about them, the guy turned & said 'do you want to sit down & stop wasting time & study? No need to keep staring' & gave an excuse that he walked around the area & saw that the table was empty for so long & my friends were wasting study space. I was there 90% of the time & my friend was gone for less than an hour. At one point, the people were gone for more than an hour. The situation was handled quite passively, my friend didn't want to say anything. I feel guilty about my words but not the reason for them, I get that it was just a table, but I still feel pissed about his attitude & their manners. 

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    You can't reserve a table in a public space as your own personal table. If someone leaves, someone else may take their place. You can't go away for an hour and expect the space to be "saved" for you. You are the ones that were rude and had an attitude.

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      i do admit i was rude and had an attitude, but it's the kind of manners that they showed, or lack of which that made me pissed. never once do i show that kind of attitude to seniors or teachers but apparently nowadays people don't care. 

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