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maths: differencial  equations?

The rate at which a radioactive specimen decays is given by


where 𝑁 is the number of radioactive particles at time 𝑡 and 𝛼 is a constant. Solve this equation to find an expression for 𝑁 as a function of time given that 𝑁=𝑁0 at 𝑡=0. Hence find the half-life of the specimen i.e. the time taken for the number of radioactive particles to halve.

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    dN/N = -alpha dt =>

    N = c e^(-alpha t),

    and N(0) = No implies

    N = No * e^(-alpha t).

    The half-life is the time when

    1/2 = e^(-alpha t), or

    ln(2) = alpha t, or

    t = [ln(2)]/alpha.

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    The answer is as follows:

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