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What does "since" mean in this context?

"Mixing concern and voyeurism, fascination with horror, mythology with social reportage, the animalistic metaphors central to Toth’s book have been widely crit-cised for depoliticising the subterranean fate of the vulnerable and poor in contemporary America, since they literally sediment down into the artificial ground and tunnel spaces of the underground city, away from what she calls the ‘topside world’." 

What does "since" mean here?

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  • Bob
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    4 weeks ago
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    In this case since is similar to 'because'.

    eg: I took an umbrella with me today, since it was raining when I left home.

  • RP
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    4 weeks ago

    One way to define it is because.

  • Laurie
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    4 weeks ago

    It is a poorly used substitute for “because”.

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