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Could I be pregnant?

My husband and I had sex last on 31st October. 

My period is consistently around the 28th-29th of the month. I was not on my period at the time.

I didn't have any cycle in October. My last cycle was 29th September.

This means my period is now 2 weeks late. 

At home pregnancy tests are coming back negative.

Ive been having some cramping, similar to period pains, and some cramping sensations when I stretch the wrong way. Breasts are not painful at all (which they always are before period) but the cramping has become painful enough to need hot water bottle etc...

I've got an appointment booked to get a script for a pregnancy blood test but in the mean time, I wanted to know if these timelines all match up?

I find it hard to make sense of things and every I put in online puts me at 6 weeks pregnant which is impossible given we only had sex 2 weeks ago.. I know they go off the last cycle but it's annoying. 


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    Of course you could be, you had sex that was presumably unprotected.  Clearly this is not a textbook cycle, so it doesn't matter what adds up and what doesn't.  However, if you did get pregnant resulting from sex on 10/31, it's too early for symptoms or a urine test, and may very well still be too early for a blood test as well.  Conception can take up to 5 days after sex, and implantation takes seven to ten days past that.  That means implantation may not have even happened yet, so even a blood test won't detect hCG.  Even if you conceived the same day as sex, these symptoms are not from pregnancy.  Doesn't rule out pregnancy, just means this is not related.

    For the record, with irregular cycle a dating ultrasound is generally done to determine gestation rather than default to LMP.  Even without irregular cycles, many doctors routinely request a dating ultrasound.

    • Shae8 months agoReport

      Thanks, I didn't realize it was too early for any tests to show anything so I appreciate all your information.

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  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    Since you had sex the answer is yes, you could be pregnant but you likely aren't.

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  • 8 months ago

    It does not really match up, but is possible. When you use a pregnancy calculator It's supposed to help you if you ARE or trying to be pregnant, you'd most likely have gotten pregnant about 4 weeks ago if you had sex around that date, soo it tells you 6 weeks. If you were actually fertile around the 31st, then it might be too early to test, if you think it's a possibility you could wait another week or 2 and the test would be accurate.

    • Haystack8 months agoReport

      Did I say something wrong?

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