We work on a flexi basis but was my manager in the wrong by not allowing me to question her action?? ?

My line manage signed off my time sheets recently and told me I couldn’t claim the extra half hour I worked because I was half day. But we are on flexi time so the hours are 9–5 and any hours you work xtra ie starting at 8,30 for example you can save and use for days off etc. So I started work 30 mins early but she advised I can only claim 7 hours when I’m half day and additional time (starting early is not allowed) so she took of 1 hour 30 off me that I worked. She checked with hr and apparently they told her I have to los the 1 hr and 30 mins. I checked with the rest of my team (5 other people with different line managers) and they said they claim loads of extra hours and their sheets are all signed off ok. I checked with my line manager and she said “no that’s the way it is” so as the team were discussing it on my managers day off, I checked with another line manager who also claims loads so I just asked for confirmation because other line managers are oking peoples extra hours but mine wasn’t. We are all in the same team just different line managers and she told my line manager on her return. My line manager reported me to the boss who basically said “I should never have even questioned my line managers answer” because she ‘always has my back’ (not strictly true as she allowed me to be bullied for nearly 5 years by another coworker and did nothing) I even ended up in hospital because of it, my life was hell for five years. 


So she hasn’t exactly got my back. all I did was ask for somebody else in authority’s opinion. The other line manager apparently asked our bigger boss who agreed with me and she also did but my line manager heard about it and is now completely ignoring me because of her mistake. I even had to email her sorry for questioning her but I was the only one being penalised for not being allowed to claim my hours. She is now just ignoring me, and is pissed because I had the nerve to even question her 

Update 2:

She drums into us we are a team but the rest of te team are getting their hours but I’m not so how is that a team? the rest of my team get away with murder whilst I slog my bum off and but it’s always me that gets the hard straw. My co worker yelled at the manager once and he was made to apologise to her!!? What the hell, he now bends over to not make her upset but today to me he got really annoyed that I had the audacity to even question my line manager!!! She tells me if she’s not there to ask

Update 3:

Hr have admitted they were wrong and u can claim but surely you are allowed to ask somebody if u want to check something, not get penalised for it!! 

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  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    So, your line manager can't accept her mistakes. Aussie Battler is correct. You just have to recognise that some people don't play fair. 

    • Yo Adrian8 months agoReport

      Well at the moment she’s making my life hell and yelling at me for everything! 

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  • 8 months ago

    Sh1t  happens   !!!!!!!! 

    • Yo Adrian8 months agoReport

      Yes very helpful, idiot. 

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