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I'm getting fat and losing muscle?

So I recently lost weight and I really started to tone up and was feeling good about myself.  I then discovered I was underweight and not eating enough so I increased how much I ate from 1200 calories to about 1800-1900. I eat really healthy, 174cm tall,  female,  17yo  and I work out about 5-6 days a week.  But ever since I increased my calories I have noticed fat gain and a decrease in muscle, even though I eat more than enough protein each day.  Help

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    Well, yes, if you increase your caloric intake because you are underweight, the result you want it to increase some fat, right?  If you feel you've gained too much weight, try eating 1634 calories or 1500 or 1702 or whatever.  The point is that you added 600-700 calories a day and that may be more than your body is using.

    It is unlikely that you've lost muscle mass if you have continued the same workout.  You may not see the muscle as well because you've added body fat.  To gain muscle and continues those gains you probably will next to mix up your workout. Add weight, add reps, add sets, and or change the exercise angle or motion.  If you don't know what to do, talk to the staff at the gym.  They should be able to show you a routine.  

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    What are your workouts like? That can make all the difference.

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